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Better and planned lighting options :

It gives a better and planned lighting option in your room.

Thermal Insulation :

It makes your home cooler via thermal insulation properties and reduce excessive heat.

Adds to the beauty of your room :

False ceiling turns your ordinary room into extraordinary room. It gives your room interior an elegant finish.

Reduces wire clutter :

It helps us to unclutter our home by concealing electrical wires and services. It reduces visual electric wire clutter.

Fire protection:

One can install fireproof Gypsum products and systems, which provide excellent fire protection solutions

Saves Electricity:

One of the important benefits which is not well known is good optimization of the use of Air Conditioning. False ceiling helps in increasing Air Conditioning performance. It also provides insulation layer. If your home roof is exposed to direct sunlight or indirect heat. False ceiling will put in one separation layer to keep heat away to some extent. Keeps your room cooler again saving on energy cost at the same time giving an aesthetic look and feel

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